Electrical Company in Bloomington

The Original Plumbing Co. has consistently outperformed the expectations of our name by offering the best electrical and plumbing services in the Bloomington region since 1979. Genuine honesty, excellent customer service, and top-notch workmanship are the highest priorities at our small, local electrical company. Being your trusted electricians is a responsibility we take very seriously as a third-generation family-owned business. Our professionals are always here to help, whether you require assistance with a challenging installation, a quick electrical repair, or something else entirely. We’re also accessible 24/7 in case of emergency. Reach out to our team today and we’ll be glad to prove exactly what makes us so unique from the other electrical companies in Bloomington!

Electrical Services

Attic Fan Installation

Installing an attic fan is a wise decision if you want to improve the energy efficiency of your house and lengthen the life of your air conditioner. Consult your experienced electrical contractor if you need help determining whether or not an attic fan is a viable option for your home.

Whole Home Rewiring

Older wiring could be unreliable, faulty, or even dangerous in terms of fire risk. An experienced electrician will rewire your home, shielding you from a number of potentially dangerous circumstances.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lights, commonly referred to as can lights, are a stunning addition to any modern home. Each space in your home will receive the superb illumination it requires when we professionally install all the recessed lights you need.

Ceiling Fan Installation

The Original Plumbing Co. is the only business you have to contact if you need an electrician to assist with installing a ceiling fan. We’ll make it all simple, quick, and stress-free.

Generator Installation

A generator is a smart purchase for any homeowner. To ensure that you have access to everything you need in an emergency, we will install a whole-home backup generator.

Electrical Wiring Installation

A precise, well-thought-out electrical wiring design is necessary to keep all of the devices in your smart home operational without the usage of batteries or ugly, bulky cords. We’ll work closely with you to design a wiring plan that totally suits your needs, and we’ll expertly and meticulously execute your installation.

Smoke Detectors

Keeping your family safe is critical, and smoke detectors are an essential part of doing just that. Fire alarms will be carefully and correctly installed in your home or place of business by our experienced electricians.

Outdoor Lighting

Your home or place of business can be made more secure by installing exterior lighting. Each installation will be properly completed by our professionals, and they can also assist you in developing a useful, distinct lighting plan.

Pool, Spa, and Sauna Electrical

When you invest in a pool, spa, or sauna, having adequate power to keep it running is essential. You can power the serene outdoor retreat of your dreams with the help of our electrical services!

Outlet Installation

A qualified electrician must install an electrical receptacle since a poor installation could be very hazardous. Everything will be handled by our professionals, including new outlet installation and receptacle replacement.

Light Fixture Installation

A simple, lovely, modern facelift for your home can be achieved with new lighting. If you need new lights installed or you just want an old fixture replaced, our electricians can get the job done easily and quickly!

Electrical Panel Upgrades

Your older home’s electrical panel might not be able to handle the high demands of your technologically advanced household. Give us a call if you want an extensive, thorough electrical panel overhaul that will enhance your daily life and bring it into the present era.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

If you’ve decided to buy an electric car, having a handy charging station installed in your garage by a competent local electrician in Bloomington can make your life much easier.

Exhaust Fan Installation

When you need an exhaust fan installed, you should hire a professional – especially if you’re starting from scratch and not simply replacing an outdated fan in your kitchen or bathroom. You’ll enjoy superior air quality, cleaner-smelling air, and lower potential for mildew and mold to form in your house.

Landscape Lighting Installation

Give us a call for expert landscape lighting if you’re looking online for a “local electrician near me” to improve the look and security of your property.

Electrical Troubleshooting

Our professionals are prepared to help with any electrical problem you may be having. When an issue is discovered, your Bloomington electrical contractor will expertly execute any necessary repairs.

Surge Protection or Whole Home Surge Protection

To protect your household appliances and electronics, surge protection is essential. With the thoroughness and consideration for which we are known, we will come to your home, offer you our professional opinion regarding outlet or whole-home surge protection, and complete your installation.

To reach a skilled electrician in Bloomington, call The Original Plumbing Co. today at (909) 941-8963 – or reach out to (800) 863-1979 for an emergency electrician.