Drain Repair Rancho Cucamonga

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The drain line is one of the first major systems installed when your home is built. Hidden behind walls of plaster and insulation and buried underneath landscaped lawns and concrete, there are many places where the drain line can begin leaking without detection. Even with regular maintenance, rusting metal pipes and decaying clay pipes begin to disintegrate, which allows water-seeking tree roots to punch through the brittle barrier.

Damaged sections of the drain system then serve as entry points for small rodents that can get stuck when the pipe narrows. This creates a complete blockage in the line, which can cause the pipes to further break down or a surge of water to shoot back into your house. Both scenarios often lead to extensive damage to your property that few homeowners policies cover.

Repairing Drains with High-Tech Plumbing Equipment

It is critical that you call in a professional plumber as soon as you suspect a drain line problem. By using the latest technology, The Original Company reduces the typical expenses associated with drain repair. Our expert plumbing specialists are trained to operate a special video camera tool that pinpoints the exact spots that need attention. This eliminates the punching of numerous holes in your walls or yard, which are also expensive to fix.

Before performing any drain repairs, we flush out the lines using a high-powered snake or forceful hydrojet water machine. In many cases, we can further reduce costs by using trenchless pipe technology to repair the drain line. This method utilizes an eco-friendly epoxy material that relines the inside of the existing pipe. Although the overlay creates a slightly smaller passageway, the slick resin generates a higher flow rate. The stronger material is also more resistant to corrosion, leaks and root intrusion.

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