Heating Service & Repair

Call us 24/7 for Emergency heating system repairs at (800) 863-1979. When your heating system decides to fail just as the typically beautiful Southern California weather turns brisk, you can count on The Original Plumbing Company to have your home feeling toasty warm again in no time. Our expert heating specialists have extensive experience working with all types of heating technologies, ranging from electric radiant heat to wall furnaces to central forced air.

Heating systems that are not operating at peak efficiency can nearly double your power bill. Upgrading to an Energy Star high-efficiency furnace or water heater can generate significant savings on your monthly statements, justifying the cost of the parts and labor over the long-term.

The Original Plumbing Company offers complimentary quotes to Southern California residents who are ready to replace their aging equipment with a modern, more energy-efficient heating unit. After our expert technicians inspect your current appliances and discuss your needs, they can make suggestions about which system is right for your home.

Preventative Heating Maintenance Program

With Southern California having an average low temperature of 47 degrees even in the dead of winter, heating systems in the region have a sufficient amount of downtime. In order to maximize the efficiency, prolong the life expectancy and minimize pricey repairs of the heating unit, it is important that the system is properly shut down in the spring and brought back online in the autumn.

The Original Plumbing Company offers a comprehensive Preventative Maintenance Program that includes a thorough diagnosis of any problems in your home’s heating system. By scheduling an annual or biannual heating tune-up, you can head off any potential problems that could result in costly emergency repairs.

Our professional cleaning and inspection heating tune-up includes:

• Calibrating the thermostat
• Cleaning the filters, blowers and fan assemblies
• Inspecting the pulleys and belts
• Tightening electrical connections
• Testing for furnace gas leaks
• Checking the heat exchanger
• Ensuring the pilot light ignites properly

One call does it all. To schedule a maintenance appointment, contact one of our Southern California heating system experts at (800) 863-1979.

DIY Heating System Maintenance

There are several things you can do on your own to reduce the likelihood of a furnace not turning on just when you need it the most. To ensure your heating system runs at peak performance:

• Clean or replace the filter every three months to clear airflow blockages.
• Have proper ventilation around your furnace and hot water heater.
• Remove all obstructions near heat vents and registers.
• Vacuum registers and radiators to keep them free of dust.
• Turn on ceiling fans to circulate the warm air that rises.
• Insulate your windows and doors with weather stripping and caulk.

You can find more tips on how to keep your heating costs low by checking out our expert recommendations on our blog.

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