Kitchen Drain Cleaning Service Rancho Cucamonga

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At The Original Plumbing Company, many of our calls begin with a discussion about a drainage problem in the kitchen sink, bathroom shower or toilet. These high-use areas not only handle most of the waste water generated in your home, but they also capture debris that plugs the small pipes.

Our professional plumbers typically step in when persistent clogs start disrupting everyday life. When the kitchen water overflows into the bathroom or issues simultaneously arise in all your drainage systems, there is likely an obstruction deeper in your main sewer line. In many cases, the solution is a quick repair using a drain cleaning rooter that blasts through built-up grease and pushes out accumulated debris.

Kitchen Sink Drain Cleaning Rancho Cucamonga

Grease-filled drains are the most common source for kitchen sink problems. The glue-like substance clings to the sides of the pipe as it dries and then grows thicker as food particles become embedded in it. Prevent large chunks of garbage and utensils from slipping down the kitchen drain by always keeping a slotted strainer in the sink hole. Even drains with garbage disposals can clog up, so make sure you run it with plenty of water to flush away the ground up particles.

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