Multiple Clogged Drains?
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Most Common Culprits of Clogged Drains

Large food particles and lost utensils are responsible for many clogged kitchen sink problems. Dumping cooking grease and oils down the drain also damages your plumbing system. These sticky substances cool and harden halfway down the pipe, coating the sides and catching more debris that is washed down the drain. Soap residue and hair are usually the cause of clogs in bathroom sinks and shower drains. Toilets typically back up when someone tries to flush non-dissolving paper towels or small toys.

Even if all this garbage is able to pass through the twists and turns in the individual pipes, everything must flow out of the house through one mainline pipe. A toy that gets lodged sideways will eventually snag a wayward paper towel that then catches a wad of hair. As the debris accumulates, you will begin to notice slow-moving drains.

Eventually, a mass blockage in the pipe will stop anything from getting past. If the pressure is intense enough, such as when you flush a high-flow toilet, the obstruction can even push unwanted waste back into your home. To protect the health of your house, it is critical that you fix multiple clogged drains immediately.

Clearing Out Multiple Clogged Drains

It is fairly easy to treat the problem when one of these fixtures has a clog. However, traditional DIY methods rarely resolve the issue when multiple drains are backing up at the same time. Treating each blockage separately is impossible because the jam is lodged deeper in the mainline. Our licensed plumbers employ traditional and high-tech tools, ranging from a plumbing snake to video camera, to identify and remove obstructions.

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