Electrical Company in San Bernardino

By providing the greatest electrical and plumbing services in the San Bernardino region since 1979, The Original Plumbing Co. has always surpassed the expectations of our name. Exceptional customer service, old-fashioned hard work, and sincere honesty are characteristics held dear by our local electrical company. Being your trusted electricians is a responsibility we take very seriously as a third-generation family-owned business. Our contractors can help with simple electrical repairs, complex installs, and so much more. In case of emergency, we are also reachable 24/7. We’d be pleased to show you all the things that make us unique from other San Bernardino electricians, so give us a call today.

Electrical Services

Electrical Wiring Installation

To maintain the functionality of all of the equipment in your smart home without the use of batteries or unsightly, bulky cords, a careful electrical wiring design is required. Together, we’ll create a wiring system that completely satisfies your requirements, and we’ll expertly and carefully carry out your installation.

Landscape Lighting Installation

If you want to give your property a security-enhancing, beautiful new look and you’ve been searching online for a “local electrician near me,” we hope you’ll choose us for your professional installation.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

If you’ve made the decision to purchase an electric vehicle, you’ll want to simplify your life by hiring a trustworthy local electrician in San Bernardino to install a handy charging station in your garage.

Outlet Installation

A qualified electrician must install an electrical receptacle because a poor installation could have disastrous effects. Everything will be handled by our professionals, including new outlet installation and receptacle replacement.

Exhaust Fan Installation

If you’re starting from scratch rather than simply swapping out an old exhaust fan in your kitchen or bathroom, you should employ a professional to take care of the task. You’ll enjoy the benefits of better air quality, fresher-smelling air, and a lower risk of mold and mildew growth in your house.

Generator Installation

Investing in a generator is a smart move for every homeowner. To ensure you have access to everything you require in the event of an emergency, we will install a whole-home backup generator.

Outdoor Lighting

Installing external lighting can increase the security of your residence or place of business. Our experts will successfully complete each installation, and they can also help you come up with a practical, unique lighting plan.

Electrical Panel Upgrades

The electrical panel in your older home might not be able to accommodate the demands of your modern household. Give us a call if you want a total electrical panel makeover that can enhance your daily life and bring your house up to date.

Ceiling Fan Installation

Simply contact The Original Plumbing Co. if you want an electrician to help with the installation of a ceiling fan. Everything will be easy, quick, and stress-free when you rely on our expertise.

Recessed Lighting

Can lights (also known as recessed lights)are an excellent accent to any contemporary home. To give every room the brilliant illumination it deserves, our professionals will install all the recessed lighting you require.

Pool, Spa, and Sauna Electrical

When you invest in a pool, spa, or sauna, having adequate power to keep it running is essential. You may easily power the serene outdoor retreat of your dreams with the aid of our electrical services!

Electrical Troubleshooting

Any electrical issue you might be having can be resolved by our experts. When an issue is discovered, your San Bernardino electrical contractor will professionally carry out any necessary repairs.

Surge Protection or Whole Home Surge Protection

Your home’s electronics and appliances require surge protection. If you need outlet protection or whole-home surge protection, we will come to your property, evaluate your needs, and then complete your installation with the care and precision for which we are renowned.

Light Fixture Installation

Modern lighting can easily, beautifully, and aesthetically update your house. Our electricians can complete the task swiftly and easily, whether you need new lights installed or you simply want an old fixture updated.

Attic Fan Installation

If you want to increase the life of your air conditioner and you value energy efficiency, an attic fan is a smart solution. You can decide if an attic fan is the best option for your home with the assistance of your qualified electrical contractor.

Whole Home Rewiring

Older wiring could be unreliable, faulty, or even dangerous in terms of fire risk. Your home will be rewired by a qualified electrician, protecting you from a variety of potentially harmful situations.

Smoke Detectors

Keeping your family safe is essential, and smoke detectors are a very important way to do just that. Fire alarms will be carefully and correctly installed in your home or place of business by our experienced electricians.

To reach a skilled electrician in San Bernardino, call The Original Plumbing Co. today at (909) 941-8963 – or reach out to (800) 863-1979 for an emergency electrician.