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Every time you shower, brush your teeth, flush your toilet or wash a dish, the sewer line disposes all the waste water that your family generates. Since this system is buried deep beneath their yards, homeowners often neglect maintenance and repairs until a pipe springs a leak. Slow trickles in the wall are just as damaging as flooding yards and basements to the structural integrity of the home’s foundation, electrical system, furniture and even drinking water.

Backups in all your drains combined with a persistent smell of rotten eggs clearly indicate a problem within the main sewer line. Homeowners are responsible for maintaining the lateral sewer line that runs from the house to the public mainline at the street. Outdated materials, such as clay pipes, and invasive water-seeking tree roots are major culprits of sewer problems. Your home habits also contribute to the health of the sewer system. Without regular cleaning and use of traps and strainers, clumps of food, grease and other debris accumulates over time to obstruct the water flow.

Like most of the systems in your home, the life of the sewer lines can be extended with a maintenance plan. These preventative inspections can also identify any impending problems that have the potential to cause considerable damage. Most standard policies for homeowners insurance do not include sewer backups, which means you are left holding a costly bill when the line unexpectedly erupts.

Through years of experience, The Original Plumbing Co. has become experts at diagnosing and repairing sewer issues. We use the latest high-tech equipment to keep your sewer system in top shape. Our video inspection cameras quickly pinpoint the root of the problem while our powerful hydrojet technology blasts away stubborn obstructions. When the issue is due to aging pipes, our trenchless repair service minimizes the disruption to your landscaping.

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