Sewer Repair Service Rancho Cucamonga

Sewer and drain cleaning specialists serving the Southern California community. The Original Plumbing Company fleet travels throughout the Inland Empire as well as Los Angeles and Orange counties. Call us 24/7 for Emergency Sewer & Drain repairs at (909) 303-6565.

Fast and efficient, The Original Plumbing Company has the knowledge and tools to flush out even the most stubbornly blocked sewer and drain lines. For the toughest challenges, we employ high-tech video inspection equipment to precisely identify the problem within the drain system.

A clogged system is more than just a nuisance. When left unresolved, obstructed sewers and drains can burst, creating a serious sanitation issue. Raw sewage and stagnant water breed bacteria that contaminate drinking water, which causes serious health problems. Water damage can also lead to thousands of dollars worth of unexpected repairs.

It is critical that you maintain and fix your clogged drain issues as quickly as possible. The first sign of a blocked sewer line is a stench that is similar to rotten eggs. If you are noticing it, then it is time to call The Original Plumbing Company for a sewer repair. You may also need professional services if:

• The toilet bowl doesn’t flush all the way or fills too high with water
• Water bubbles form in the toilet bowl or when the sink drains
• You hear gurgling and constant flushing noises in the pipes
• The sink and tub drain slowly
• Water overflows into the tub when you flush the toilet
• Multiple plumbing fixtures back up simultaneously

Blocked Sewer Service Rancho Cucamonga

With everyday use, water drainage systems accumulate rust, food deposits and an astonishing assortment of debris. Flushed toys are a common culprit of many problems as are wads of thick paper towels, globs of hair and small pieces of kitchenware. Fat, oil and grease account for an estimated 75 percent of all drain and sewer blockages.

The Original Plumbing Company blog offers our customers basic tips for clearing minor clogs. Rather than pouring damaging chemicals down the drain, you should first flush boiling water down the toilet. This is one of the most effective methods for naturally breaking up the debris. You can also easily prevent harmful substances from slipping through the pipes simply by using a strainer.

Routine Maintenance Saves You Money

Routine maintenance inspections by a professional plumber extend the life of your sewer and drain system and identify potential problems that can lead to devastating losses. This can include seasonal foliage that obstruct storm drains and tree roots that break through sewer pipes, burrowing deep into the system.

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