Corona Slab Leak Service

Leaks from your plumbing system or sewage system are never a good thing. If you think that you might have a leak you should have a Corona leak detection service inspect your home for potential issues. Fixing your plumbing problem as soon as you recognize it is important so that the amount of damage to your system is limited.

Use this guide to help you understand what a slab leak is, what the signs of a slab leak are, and how a slab leak repair service in Corona can help you with leak detection and repair services.

What is a Slab Leak

A slab leak is a leak that is coming from the pipes that run underneath your home’s foundation. It is a leak that should be taken very seriously because it could weaken the ground under the foundation of your house.

Signs of a Slab Leak

It can be difficult to detect a slab leak; however, there are some signs that you can look for if you think that you have a slab leak. Here are the most common signs that you have a leak under your foundation:

  • Pooling water in your yard
  • Standing water around your foundation
  • Soggy carpets or wet flooring
  • Cracked walls or concrete floors
  • Sound of running or dripping water that can’t be located
  • Mildew smell in carpeted areas
  • Unexplained increase in your water bill

While it is possible that these problems are not caused by a slab leak, it is important that you have a professional leak detection company investigate the source of the problem. If you do in fact have a slab leak then it is important to have slab leak repair services completed as soon as possible.

Reasons Why Slab Leaks Happen

There are several different reasons why a slab leak could happen. Environmental factors, like an earthquake or soil erosion, could damage the pipes or the ground around the pipes. If you notice that the soil around your foundation has started to erode, then it is a good idea to have a leak detection service check for pipe damage.

Another reason why slab leaks happen is corrosion. Older homes with copper piping or galvanized steel piping are more likely to experience corroded pipes than newer homes. Homes that are built on soil that contains harsh chemicals are also susceptible to corrosion.

Improper installation or installing the wrong piping materials is another reason why a slab leak could happen. If the wrong material is used or the pipes are laid incorrectly they could buckle or warp and eventually crack or break.

Corona Leak Detection

When you call a plumber for slab leak detection, they will use a variety of methods to determine whether or not you have a leak under your slab. One way to test if there is a leak is to turn off the water supply to the home. After half an hour, if the meter still shows water usage, it is a sign that there is a leak in the system.

Another way that the Corona leak detection company will check to see if there is a leak is by using high-tech equipment. Audio equipment can be used to hear running water and narrow down the location of the leak. Cameras can also be run through the plumbing system to see if there are any cracks or breaks that need to be repaired.

Slab Leak Repair

Once a slab leak company has confirmed that the leak is coming from the pipes under your foundation then you will need to have the problem repaired. The extent of the repair service will depend on how damaged the pipes are.

For minor slab leaks, the Corona slab leak repair company will complete a spot repair. This means that they will repair the pipe at the spot of the leak.

For more extensive slab leaks, the slab repair company in Corona might have to reroute or repipe your home’s plumbing. An alternative to these repairs is an epoxy pipe repair.

The leak detection service will assess the leak and the damaged pipe in order to make a recommendation on which type of repair you will need.

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