Eastvale Slab Leak Service

A slab leak can be a very serious problem that affects your home. Slab leaks are leaks that develop under your foundation and within your slab. If you suspect that you have a slab leak then you should have a leak detection service complete an inspection.

Not sure whether or not you have a slab leak? Check for the common signs of slab leaks, compare them with the reasons that slab leaks happen, then contact a leak detection company for confirmation. If you do have a slab leak, then you will need a slab leak repair service in Eastvale.

Common Signs of Slab Leaks

Slab leaks can be difficult to detect, but there are some common signs that there is a leak under your foundation or in your slab. Here are the top seven signs that you have a slab leak:

  1. Water pooling in your yard or around your foundation
  2. The sound of running or dripping water that won’t stop
  3. Cracked concrete flooring
  4. Unexplained increase in your water bill
  5. Mildew smell coming from your carpet
  6. Hot spots in your flooring
  7. Soggy carpets or wet spots on your floors

If you experience any of the above signs of a slab leak then you need to contact an Eastvale leak detection company right away.

Reasons Why Slab Leaks Happen

Slab leaks can happen for many different reasons. Here are five reasons why you might experience a slab leak.

  1. You have an old home – older homes that have been built with copper piping or galvanized steel piping are likely to experience a slab leak at some point. These piping materials aren’t the best for underground pipes. They can corrode easier than other piping materials.
  2. The pipes were installed incorrectly – improper installation of pipes can cause buckling, cracking, and creasing of the pipes which will lead to leaks. In addition to the improper installation of pipes, the wrong piping material can lead to leaks, too.
  3. There was an environmental issue – earthquakes and soil erosion can cause damage to your pipes that result in a leak.
  4. The pipes are exposed to harmful chemicals – the soil that your pipes sit in and the water that runs through the pipes might contain chemicals that corrode your pipes. Corroded pipes are likely to leak.
  5. Vibrations cause the pipes to wear down – when water moves throughout your pipes it causes the pipes to vibrate. If the pipes are laid against something hard, like a rock or sharp concrete, then every time they vibrate they will wear down. Wear on the pipes due to vibrations can cause leaks, too.

If you have a leak, the slab detection company will be able to examine the damaged pipe and give a possible reason why the leak occurred.

Eastvale Leak Detection

When you schedule an inspection by an Eastvale leak detection service, they will use a variety of methods to determine whether or not you have a slab leak.

The first thing that they will do is turn off the water running to your home. If your meter continues to show that your home is using water, then it is possible that you have a slab leak.

To confirm the slab leak, the Eastvale leak detection company will use high-tech equipment to hear a potential leak or see a potential leak. Audio and visual outputs will confirm the leak and its exact location.

Slab Leak Repair

After you have positive slab leak detection the slab leak company will be able to assess the damage and make a recommendation for repairs. If the leak is caught early then minimal slab leak repair services will be needed. A spot repair can take place at the specific location of the leak.

Sometimes, more extensive repairs are needed if the home is older or if there is a lot of damage. To make extensive repairs the plumbing system might have to be repiped or the piping will have to be rerouted. An alternative to this is to have trenchless epoxy pipe repair services.

Work with your slab leak detection company to get a recommendation for which repair option will work best for your slab leak.

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