Pomona Slab Leak Service

A slab leak is a leak that occurs in the plumbing system that runs under the slab or foundation of your home. It can be difficult to detect a true slab leak so it is important to have a professional leak detection company inspect your plumbing system. Check your home regularly for the signs that you might have a slab leak to reduce further damage that a slab leak can cause.

The most common sign of a slab leak is unexplained water. The unexplained water can collect or pool inside or outside of your home. If there is unexplained water on your carpets then you might have a slab leak that is pushing water up through your home’s foundation. Standing water that collects in your yard or around the foundation of your home can also be an indication of a slab leak.

Another sign that you have a slab leak is you have an unusually high water bill that cannot be explained. This usually means that water is running somewhere in, around, or under your home. Larger leaks will increase your water bill significantly, but don’t dismiss small increases either. Smaller leaks or leaks that happen toward the end of your billing cycle can also affect your bill.

If you hear running water or dripping water that does not stop even if you aren’t running any appliances that use water then you might have a leak somewhere in your plumbing system. You might experience one or many of these signs that there is a leak. If so, call a leak detection service to get your system repaired and prevent further damage to your home.

3 Common Reasons Why Slab Leaks Happen

Aside from old age and improper installation, there are three common reasons why a slab leak could happen. If you believe your pipes have experienced any of these reasons then you need to contact a slab service company.

Chemical Corrosion

Chemicals in the water that travels through your pipes or chemicals in the soil that surrounds your pipes could cause corrosion. Pipes that are corroded will break down over time. A leak is the first sign of damage. Corrosion can only be confirmed by a visual inspection. If the pipes are under your foundation or slab then a camera inspection will need to be performed.

Environmental Factors

There are environmental factors that can cause the ground around your home, and subsequently your pipes, to shift. Shifting of the ground can cause damage to the pipes. Earthquakes and soil erosion are the two biggest environmental factors that can have an impact on the ground around your home.

Vibration Damage

When water runs through your pipes it causes the pipes to vibrate. If the pipes rub against something, like your foundation or building material that was left behind in the construction process damage could occur over time. The result is a pipe that leaks under your slab.

Pomona Leak Detection & Slab Leak Repair

Slab leak services start with leak detection. A slab leak company will be able to use a variety of methods to perform slab leak detection. The first method involves shutting off the water in your home. The Pomona leak detection service will then monitor your water meter. If there is movement it is an indication that there is a leak in your system.

The Pomona leak detection company will also use high-tech equipment to inspect your plumbing system for a leak. Special equipment can be used to hear running or dripping water. Cameras will be used to find the exact location of the leak. The camera system will allow the plumber to see the extent of the damage.

From there, the plumber can make a recommendation for which type of repair will work best to fix the leak. A spot repair can be completed for minor damage. Trenchless epoxy pipe repair can be done in lieu of system repiping or rerouting. If there is major damage or the pipes were installed incorrectly, repiping or rerouting the system might be the only solution.

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