Riverside Slab Leak Service

Slab leak services are for anyone who suspects that they have a slab leak. A slab leak is a leak that is coming from the pipes that run under your home’s foundation. It is important to have a leak detection service confirm the location of the leak and make repairs so that there isn’t any further damage to your home.

If a slab leak is left in disrepair then the soil under the home could soften and become unstable. Unstable ground means that there could be serious and significant damage to your home. Foundation repairs are much more expensive than a slab leak repair, so it is important that the leak gets taken care of.

You can call a slab leak repair service in Riverside to confirm the leak and repair the pipes quickly. If you are unsure whether or not you have a slab leak or other plumbing problem, take a look at the common signs that you have a slab leak.

Common Signs of a Slab Leak

It can be hard to know whether or not you have a slab leak. The common signs that you have a slab leak are also signs of other leaks, too. Common signs of a slab leak include:

  • New standing water in your yard
  • Water collecting at the sides of your home
  • Cracked concrete floors or walls
  • Running or dripping water noise that cannot be located
  • Unexplained wet or soggy carpets
  • Mildew smell coming from under carpets
  • Sudden and unexplained increase in your water bill

If you recognize any of the above signs then you need to contact a leak detection company. They will be able to locate and diagnose a variety of plumbing leaks, including slab leaks.

Reasons Why Slab Leaks Happen

Slab leaks can happen for many different reasons. The age of the pipes, environmental factors, and how well the installation of the plumbing system all play a factor in whether or not there could be a slab leak problem.

Major events, like earthquakes, can cause the ground to shift. This in turn can cause minor or major damage to the plumbing system that runs under your home. Soil erosion can also cause the ground to shift which has the potential to damage your in-ground pipes.

Soil that has harsh chemicals can cause pipes to erode. If the water that runs through the pipes also has harsh chemicals then the pipes could erode from the inside, too.

Older homes and homes where the plumbing system was not installed properly are also at risk of sustaining a slab leak. It is important that the correct plumbing and piping materials be used in the construction of the home so that slab leaks are less likely to occur.

Riverside Leak Detection

It is very beneficial to have a Riverside leak detection service perform an inspection of your plumbing system, especially if you think that you have a slab leak. To perform a slab leak detection, the Riverside leak detection company will first shut off your home’s water supply.

The company will monitor your water meter after the water has been shut off. If the meter continues to run it is a sign that there is a leak somewhere in your system. The company will continue its inspection with a variety of high-tech plumbing equipment.

The slab leak company can use audio equipment to hear running or dripping water. They can also run cameras through your plumbing system. The cameras will show your plumber any pipes that have cracks or breaks in them. They can also see leaks, too.

Slab Leak Repair

If it is found that you do have a slab leak, then the company will recommend the best way to repair the leak. Their recommendation will depend on the size of the leak and the extent of the pipe’s damage.

Spot repairs can be made to minor slab leaks. More extensive damage might require that the system be rerouted or repiped. An alternative to repiping or rerouting the plumbing system is to complete an epoxy pipe repair.

The only way to know which one of these repairs will work best for your situation is by examining the results of the inspection of your plumbing system.

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