Trenchless Sewer Line Repair Rancho Cucamonga

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Homeowners face a costly repair when underground sewer lines and water pipes crack, burst, become corroded or cannot keep up with the needs of the household. In the past, the only way to fix these costly problems was to dig up the old pipes, which causes thousands more dollars in damage to landscaping and house foundations.

To reduce these expensive outcomes for our customers, The Original Plumbing Company has adopted trenchless technology that enables our trained technicians to hydraulically draw a new pipe through the existing system. Trenchless drains are composed of a slick epoxy lining that creates a seamless pipe, which eliminates future issues with root intrusion and calcium build-up barriers. By insulating the old pipes with a superior material, the structural integrity of the original plumbing line is reinforced and less likely to sustain further damage.

Since there is no need to remove the old pipe, yards and concrete are not extensively damaged during the process, saving homeowner’s thousands of dollars in extra repairs to their landscaping, patios, driveways and foundations. During a trenchless repair, our service experts only have to dig two small access holes at each end of the damaged pipe rather than plowing a trench the entire length of the pipe to excavate the line.

This advanced technology, which conforms to industry standards, offers a painless, permanent solution to cost-effectively replace sewer and water pipelines. In many cases, our plumbing professionals are able to complete the job in one appointment rather than weeks. The repair method is also environmentally friendly since it allows us to avoid ecological damage to otherwise healthy plants and trees and prevents more unnecessary materials from making their way to landfills. Going forward, it also promotes more sanitary conditions, which contributes to fewer infectious diseases.

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