Pomona Water Heater Repair

Is there anything worse than a water heater that won’t work? Maybe a water heater that runs out too quickly. If you have experienced these hot water issues with your water heater then maybe it’s time for a water heater repair service. A local water heater repair company can inspect your hot water system and identify potential issues. Additionally, they can recommend repairs and maintenance services to keep your hot water heater running to its fullest potential.

Tankless Water Heater Repair in Pomona

Tankless water heaters are known for being more durable than standard tank water heaters. That does not mean, however, that they don’t need tankless water heater repair service. If your tankless water heater is not working then you need to contact a water heater repair contractor.

Not only can the water heater repair company help with your tankless water heater repair, they can suggest routine maintenance plans that help your tankless water heater operate like new.

Water Heater Repair Service

When you experience a hot water problem you might consider replacing your hot water heater altogether. Instead of immediately replacing your system, you should first contact a water heater repair company to see if your water heater could be brought back to working order with a simple repair.

Five signs that you need to call a water heater repair company include:

  1. Your water isn’t getting hot or the hot water runs out quickly.
  2. Your hot water heater is leaking or there is water at the base of the tank.
  3. Your hot water heater is making clunking noises that are new or unusual.
  4. Your water flow suddenly changes and is weaker than it usually is.
  5. Your water turns rust-colored or comes out of your taps looking dirty.

While these things can be distressing, take comfort knowing that many of these things can be repaired, fixed, or troubleshooted.

Troubleshooting Low Hot Water Production

If your hot water heater isn’t putting out enough hot water then one of these causes might be to blame:

  • Your thermostat isn’t set properly
  • The water heater isn’t big enough
  • The water heater tank is leaking
  • The dip tube is broken
  • The heating element is malfunctioning
  • The heating element bolts are loose

Possible fixes for the above issues are:

  • Reset the thermostat, adjust the temperature to 120 degrees
  • Replace your water heater tank with a larger one or tankless system
  • Repair the tank’s leak
  • Fix the broken dip tube by repairing or replacing it
  • Fix the heating element by repairing or replacing it
  • Secure or fasten the heating element bolts

Check Your Heaters Electricity or Gas Connection

In addition to those most commonly used troubleshooting techniques, fixes, and repair, you will need to ensure your heater has the proper power connection. Make sure that your water heater is connected correctly and turns on before you call a plumber.

To check an electric water heater’s power, make sure that the cord is in good condition and that it is securely plugged into the outlet. Check your home or building’s circuit breaker to make sure that nothing has tripped. If it has, flip the switch so that the appliance can be supplied with power again.

There are two more things to check for your electric water heater. Next are any fuses that could have blown. If needed, replace any blown fuses. Finally, if your water heater is equipped with a safety switch, make sure it’s in the correct position. It is possible that your water heater overheated and caused the safety switch to flip.

To check your gas heater’s working ability, check to make sure that you have gas. This means that either you have a tank on your property that has gas in it or you get gas through gas lines from the gas company. Once you know that the water heater is being supplied with gas, make sure that the pilot light is on. If your gas service was ever interrupted your pilot light could have gone out which would stop your water heater from working.

If your pilot light did go out, reignite it. A pilot light that goes out as a result of an interruption of service is not a problem, but a pilot light that goes out frequently might need repair.

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