Eastvale Water Heater Replacement

People use hot water every day to clean their clothes and wash their dishes. Hot water is used for cooking, showering, and so much more. It is important to keep the hot water in your house running properly.

If you experience a lack of hot water then you need to contact an Eastvale water heater service company to inspect your water heater system. They will be able to identify any problems within the system and can make a recommendation to replace or repair your water heater.

How to Know You’re Ready for Water Heater Replacement

The signs that your water heater is in need of repair are very similar to the signs that your water heater is in need of replacement. The following five indicators are signs that your water heater needs to be replaced.

The Water Heater is Old

If your tank or tankless water heater is not working properly, it could be because the water heater is too old to function properly. Gas water heaters usually last for anywhere between six to eight years. Electric water heaters usually last up to 10 years. Tankless water heaters can usually last up to 20 years. When your water heater reaches its peak, then it might be time to replace it.

The Water Heater is Rusty

A strong sign that you need Eastvale water heater replacement service is if you discover rust on your water heater tank. Rust on the outside of the tank near the pressure relief valve or water inlet almost always indicates that there is rust on the inside of the hot water heater tank. Unfortunately, the rust inside of the tank can’t be repaired. Eventually, rust will damage the tank permanently. The only solution to a rusty water heater is to have it replaced with a new water heater.

The Water Heater is Noisy

As your water heater ages, you might notice that it begins to make noises. The older it gets, the louder and more disturbing the noises can become. The noise is created by sediment that builds up over time. Even with proper routine maintenance, sediment can sink to the bottom of the tank and harden. A noisy water heater tank is a precursor to a water heater tank that leaks.

The Water Heater Leaks

If your water heater leaks, you might need to replace your water heater. Upon inspection of the water heater system, the water heater replacement contractor will be able to tell you whether or not the leak can be repaired. If the leak cannot be repaired then you need to replace the water heater so that the leak does not cause water damage to your home.

The Water Heater Doesn’t Produce

The main reason why people contemplate replacing their water heater is that it doesn’t produce enough hot water or it quits producing hot water altogether. There are three main reasons why hot water production might decline. First, the thermostat needs to be adjusted. Second, the heating element is broken. Third, the water heater is simply too small for the house or the family that uses it.

The first two reasons why hot water production might decline are usually quick and easy fixes. The third reason, on the other hand, requires replacement. If the water heater is too small then it needs to be upgraded to a larger tank or a tankless system to accommodate the amount of hot water that is needed.

Benefits of Tankless Water Heater Replacement

When you need to select a new water heater system, you should consider going with a tankless water heater. There are many benefits to choosing a tankless water heater. Tankless water heaters are durable and last twice as long as electric tank water heaters.

Tankless water heaters take up less space than standard water heaters, they are more energy-efficient, and they provide an endless amount of hot water. Additionally, tankless systems do not require a lot of maintenance. If you are replacing your water heater, you should consider a tankless water heater replacement service in Eastvale.

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