Riverside Water Heater Replacement

You need your water heater to be in good working condition. If your water is not producing hot water then you need to contact a water heater replacement company. The water heater replacement contractor can inspect your water heater, assess its condition, and suggest potential repairs. If repairs will not help your water heater work better then it might be time for

tankless water heater replacement.

5 Signals You’re Ready for Water Heater Replacement

While you might use your water heater daily, you don’t necessarily inspect it or think about it as you do with your kitchen appliances. This is why it can be difficult to know when it is time to replace your water heater. Here are five signals that it is time to replace your water heater.

Your Water Heater is Old

Gas water heaters have a life expectancy of six to eight years. Electric water heaters have a life expectancy of about ten years, maybe a little longer. These water heaters need to be routinely maintained to reach their maximum life expectancies.

If your water heater is nearing the end of its life expectancy then it might be time to consider replacement, especially if it is experiencing any of the other signals on this list.

When you think about replacing your water heater, you should consider a tankless water heater system. Tankless water heaters can last up to twenty years and are more durable than both gas and electric water heaters.

Your Water Heater is Leaking

If you notice that your water heater is leaking or there is standing water at the base of your water heater then you need to call a water heater replacement company. They will be able to determine where the leak is coming from and repair the problem. While leaks that come from the fittings or tank’s connection can usually be fixed, other leaks are usually unrepairable and your water heater will need to be replaced.

Your Water Heater is Rusty

Rust is not a good sign on or around your water heater. If there is rust on your water heater’s inlet valve then it is a sign that there is rust on the inside of the water heater tank, too. Rust that has formed on the inside of the tank can weaken the tank and eventually lead to leaks. A rusted-out tank needs to be replaced before it causes water damage or leaks rust into your water.

Your Water Heater Makes Noises

As your water heater ages, you might notice noises coming from it when it cycles. The older the water heater gets the louder and more noticeable the noises can become. These noises are the result of sediment that has built up over time. Sediment can settle at the bottom of your tank and harden, even if you have had proper routine maintenance. You can have a professional flush your water heater tank to try to reduce the noise, but eventually, you will need a new water heater.

Your Water Heater Doesn’t Make Hot Water

One of the main reasons that your water heater doesn’t produce enough water is that it is too small. If your water heater is too small or your family has increased the demand for hot water then you will need to replace the hot water heater. A larger hot water heater or a tankless water heater is the only thing that will “fix” a water heater that is too small.

When you are weighing your options and have to decide between repair or replacement because your standard water heater or tankless water heater is not working, use the rule of 50%. The rule of 50% says that you should replace your water heater if the repair is going to cost half of the replacement cost of a new water heater. The Riverside water heater replacement company that you work with will be able to give you estimates for repair costs as well as costs for tankless water heater replacement in Riverside.

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