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Preventative Air Conditioning Maintenance Program

Seasonal maintenance on your air conditioning unit is essential. Due to excessive use of the system, Southern California households should have a professional assessment twice each year. During our thorough appraisal, our specialist can help you identify why there are warm spots in your house and suggest improvements to increase your energy efficiency.

Our Professional Cleaning and Inspection Air Conditioning Tune-Up Includes:

• Thermostat calibration
• Air filter replacement
• Cleaning and sealing the air duct system
• Recharging the Freon and refrigerant
• Flushing the condensation drain
• Inspecting the evaporator coil
• Checking voltage and amperage draw
• Tightening electric connections

DIY Energy Efficiency Cooling Tips

• Using the "Auto Mode" setting enables the air conditioner fan and compressor to shut off at the same time.
• Set your thermostat at a constant temperature. Lowering the temperature setting does not cool the home faster, and each degree draws an extra 1 to 3 percent of power.
• Use ceiling fans to circulate the cool air throughout your home.
• Keep heat-generating appliances, such as lamps and televisions, away from the thermostat.

Newer Energy Star air conditioning units are 10 percent more efficient than older models, and an updated central air system can save you 15 percent off your monthly electric bill. Installing a whole house fan can also cut costs. Drawing much less power, the system works by pushing cool air throughout the house and sending warm air out through an attic exhaust vent.

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The Original Plumbing Company's HVAC Specialties

Blessed with average daily temperatures hovering around 75 degrees, keeping our Southern California communities cool is a top priority at The Original Plumbing Company. Our air conditioning specialists have more than 35 years experience working with the unique climate of our region. We know the steady heat requires you to have a well-maintained cooling system, so when your air conditioner is not turning on, we’ll be there in a heartbeat to get your unit back online.

We also specialize in replacing aging and installing new air conditioning systems. Our HVAC experts know how to properly estimate the right sized cooling unit for a room to ensure peak performance. A unit that is too large makes the air feel humid and clammy while one that is too small continuously drains your power meter.

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