PEX Piping Service Rancho Cucamonga

Whether you're building a new home, or installing new pipes in an existing property, choosing the best pipe material is critical. While copper piping has traditionally been the material of choice for homeowners and commercial property owners, modern piping options offer additional features and benefits. PEX piping is a polyethylene piping material that offers a range of advantages – and it's also affordable.

At The Original Plumbing Company, we provide PEX piping installation, replacement, and repair to our clients Rancho Cucamonga, and other nearby cities. We work with both residential and commercial clients in our service area. If you'd like to schedule an appointment for any of our PEX piping services, please contact us today!

PEX Piping Company Rancho Cucamonga

Choosing the best pipe for your home or commercial property is essential if you want to avoid future plumbing issues. While there is a range of different pipe materials available to modern property owners, it's essential to understand why PEX piping is a fan favorite with so many of our clients. Let's explore the primary advantages of this piping material below:

• It Retains Heat Better: PEX piping is more energy efficient because it contains heat better.
• It's More Flexible: PEX piping can expand and contract better than normal copper piping.
• It's Affordable: PEX piping is often significantly more affordable than copper piping.
• It Doesn't Corrode: PEX piping won't corrode, which is excellent if you have acidic water in your pipes.

PEX Piping Plumber Rancho Cucamonga

If you're searching for PEX plumbing installation in Rancho Cucamonga, The Original Plumbing Company is the clear choice for the job. We provide comprehensive piping services to our local clients. Whether you need a small PEX piping system or enough PEX piping for a large commercial property, we're here to help!

PEX Repipe Service Rancho Cucamonga

If you already have PEX piping, but it's been decades since you last updated your piping, you may need the services of a PEX piping replacement expert. We can repipe parts of your plumbing system or your entire property. Contact us today to schedule a repiping service!

PEX Pipe Repair Service Rancho Cucamonga

While PEX piping is known for its durability, there may come a time when you need a repair team to fix a fault, blockage, or other PEX plumbing issue. At The Original Plumbing Company, our team is always available to help you fix PEX piping problems. We use advanced diagnostic techniques to uncover leaks, blockages, and other problems in your PEX piping.

In addition to our traditional repair services, we also have an emergency plumbing team that's available 24/7. We're always here to help!

Why Choose The Original Plumbing Company?

If you decide that PEX piping is right for your home or commercial property, it's essential to choose the best plumber for the job. At The Original Plumbing Company, we've been trusted by thousands of clients in Rancho Cucamonga. Let's find out why so many local business owners and residents choose us to be their PEX piping plumber:

• We never charge our clients for PEX piping estimates.
• We offer a full range of PEX piping services.
• Our team provides extremely quick turnaround times.
• We're a one-stop-shop for all your plumbing needs.
• We're licensed, bonded, and insured.
• We offer emergency repair services.
• We're a locally owned and operated business.
• We have more than 40 years of experience.

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If you want to schedule any of our PEX plumbing services in Glendora, Chino, San Bernardino, San Dimas, or other nearby areas, it's time to contact The Original Plumbing Company. As a longstanding PEX piping expert, we're the first-choice plumber for PEX piping, repiping, and repair in our service area. If you'd like to schedule an appointment with one of our plumbers or request a free quote, we're only a short phone call away!