Video Camera Drain Inspection Rancho Cucamonga

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Knowing the hardship that is placed upon homeowners when unreachable obstructions block drain pipes, The Original Plumbing has invested in high-tech video equipment that allows our expert technicians to pinpoint exactly where the problem lies. With the aid of this technology, we are able to determine more precise dig points so that we leave behind minimal damage to your yard or home.

There are a number of ways that drain pipes can become so corrupted that they need a video inspection. Punctured holes and misaligned joints in underground sewer lines allow tree roots to snake through, small burrowing animals can become trapped in broken pipes and leaks can pour out of corroded ducts. Sometimes these pipes are located in your yard, but other times they are buried under the concrete of your home’s foundation or run through ceilings and walls. This can result in additional expensive repairs if a plumber has to chase the problem by creating numerous dig points.

In addition to calling The Original Plumbing Company to identify the cause of repeated drain line backups, slow drains and clogs, homeowner’s regularly rely on our trained technicians to perform inspections before signing a purchasing agreement or embarking on a large-scale remodeling project. Our location equipment is even put to good use retrieving commonly lost valuables, such as wedding rings and keys.

Video Drain Inspection

At the tip of a flexible rod sits a high-resolution waterproof video camera that transmits real-time video images to a viewing screen. The system is also equipped with powerful lights, self-righting sensors and antennas that recognize obstructions. Homeowner scopes do not have the reach or the high-definition recording capabilities that our service technicians have access to. These images efficiently identify the problem, can be saved for permanent records and can be recalled for comparisons on repeat inspections.

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