Grand Terrace Water Heater Repair

Your water heater is often out of sight and out of mind until it stops working. If you experience a problem with your water heater then you need to contact a water heater repair service. In addition to making repairs to your water heater, the water heater repair company can help with routine maintenance services and other plumbing services, if needed.

Tankless Water Heater Repair Service

Tankless water heaters are known for their durability and extended lifespan in comparison to standard tank water heaters. It can be distressing if you discover that your tankless water heater is not working.

If for any reason you experience a problem with your tankless water heater then you need to call a reputable company to inspect your system and make the necessary tankless water heater repairs.

Additional Water Heater Services

In addition to making inspections and repairs, your water heater repair contractor can help with other plumbing issues and routine maintenance. When you have your water heater routinely maintained you can potentially extend its lifespan and improve how well it operates.

Water heater maintenance includes draining and flushing the water heater. This removes any sediment that has built up over time and reduces your water heater’s energy efficiency. The thermostat will be checked to ensure that the temperature is set to the correct setting. Other parts of your water heater will be checked for their overall condition, too

Troubleshooting Lack of Hot Water

There can be a few different reasons why your water heater isn’t producing hot water or it isn’t producing enough hot water. Below are the potential causes and fixes for your lack of hot water.

Potential causes:

  • The thermostat is set incorrectly
  • The tank isn’t large enough
  • The tank has a leak
  • The dip tube is broken
  • There is a heating element malfunction

Potential fixes:

  • Reset the thermostat and set it to the correct temperature, usually 120 degrees
  • Upgrade your water heater tank
  • Repair the tank at the place of the leak
  • Repair or replace the broken dip tube
  • Repair or replace the heating element

In addition to having minimal hot water, here are five times when you should call a water heater repair company:

  1. Your hot water isn’t working at all.
  2. The water heater’s pilot light goes out frequently.
  3. The valves, connections, or gaskets are old, worn, or bad.
  4. The water coming from your taps is dirty or rusty.
  5. Water flow is suddenly weaker than usual.

Each of these problems is an indicator that there is something going on with your water heater or plumbing system. A plumber will be able to inspect the water heater and plumbing system. When they identify the problem they will be able to recommend a solution that will repair the problem.

Pilot Light Problems

One explanation for hot water interruption is a pilot light that has gone out. If your pilot light has gone out then your water heater will not be able to make hot water. Your pilot light might go out because there was an interruption with your gas service. It might also go out if the thermocouple is damaged, dirty, or broken.

If you experience the problem infrequently then there is probably nothing to worry about. However, if you notice that your pilot night needs to be reignited frequently then it might be time to replace the water heater’s thermocouple.

Is Making a Repair Worth It

When a water heater goes out or shows signs of a problem, many people wonder if it is beneficial to have repairs made to the water heater system. There are a few different factors that need to be considered in order to answer that question.

First, you have to consider the age of your water heater. If your water heater is considered old then it might be too costly to make repairs. The second thing that you will have to take into consideration is the actual cost of the repair. If the repair cost is minimal then you’d probably want to make a repair rather than replacement. Finally, you’ll want to take in the overall condition of the water heater. A water heater in good condition might be worthy of repairs, whereas, one in poor condition might not be.

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