Sewer Line Repair And Replacement in Ontario

Working sewer lines are essential for any home. Why? All homes’ drains filter directly into these sewer lines, which will then flow to a public sewer system. Working sewer lines ensure your household waste and sewage is transported away quickly. Because of this, no sewer line repair need should go ignored for too long. Looking for sewer services in the city of Ontario? Look no further, because The Original Plumbing Company is here to answer your call!

Why Go With Our Ontario Sewer Line Services?

The Original Plumbing Company first started in 1979 with the specific goal of providing professional plumbing services to all residents who were tired of receiving other plumbing services that just weren’t cutting it. Since our beginning, we have been effortlessly providing expert sewer line services that leave clients completely satisfied.

Problems in Your Sewer Lines

Problems in your sewer line can be very different, but there are a few common ones to keep an eye out for. Some of the problems our plumbing technicians typically view in sewer lines include:

  • Clogs- A clog in your sewer lines causes backups in many or even all your drains, leading to various messy consequences.
  • Leaks- A leak in your sewer lines can eventually flood your yard with sewage, or even threaten the foundation of your home!
  • Tree root invasion- Many homeowners aren’t aware of this problem, but since sewer lines are underground, they are likely to run into blockages and other forms of damage from tree roots.
  • Old age- Sometimes, your sewer lines have run their course and need to be replaced by sewer lines in order to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Replace Your Sewer Line

Replacing your sewer lines can often be the necessary action to take to make sure your household is back to functioning operations. You can’t replace your sewer line on your own. Call our team instead!

Clog Removal

Clogs can be a sewer line’s worst enemy. Clogs in sewer lines may occur due to many different reasons, so make sure to get a technician on the job if you believe clogs are developing in your sewer line. For clog removal matters, call us!

Sewer Line Repairs and Sewer Line Replacements

A broken sewer line can cause huge problems for a number of homes, including sewage backup in your yard, structural issues, and much more. When a broken sewer line problem is happening to you, you’ll want a skilled plumbing technician to jump in and get the problem taken care of quickly. Sewer line replacements are a service we are familiar with, and can pull off without a single issue.

Inspecting and Excavating Your Sewer Lines

Inspecting sewer lines can prevent a number of other problems from developing by performing early intervention. We use the industry’s best technology to perform inspections and find the cause of the issue that is afflicting sewer lines in order to find efficient solutions. When it comes to excavating sewer lines, you won’t find another company that does the job right like The Original Plumbing Company.

Trenchless Sewer Repair

Trenchless sewer repair equates to much less digging around your yard and no need getting your own hands dirty with cleanup. The Original Plumbing Company offers trenchless sewer repair for residents who need long-lasting sewer repairs without the complicated process!

Sewer Problems?

Get rid of sewer problems fast with our team of skillful plumbers! Ontario residents trust us with their sewer issues.


Sewer line issues shouldn’t be delayed in treatment. Call The Original Plumbing Company for sewer line services in the great city of Ontario!