Electrical Company in Pomona

Since 1979, The Original Plumbing Co. has surpassed what its name might imply by offering the Pomona community the best plumbing and electrical services. Our local electrical company values stellar customer service, impeccable work, and old-fashioned honesty. The professionals at our three-generational, family-owned business view it as a privilege to serve as your go-to electricians. Our contractors can help with simple electrical repairs, complex installs, and so much more. Because we’re here to help whenever you need us, we also provide emergency services 24/7. Give us a call today and we’d be happy to demonstrate all the qualities that set us apart from other Pomona electricians.

Electrical Services

Landscape Lighting Installation

If you want to give your property a security-enhancing, beautiful new look and you’ve been searching online for a “local electrician near me,” we hope you’ll choose us for your professional installation.

Whole Home Rewiring

Old wiring can prove inefficient and faulty, and it can even lead to fires. When you let your dependable electrician rewire your home, you’ll be protected from many potentially dangerous issues.

Electrical Troubleshooting

Any electrical problem you may be having can be simply fixed by our experts. Your Pomona electrical contractor will carefully complete any required repairs when a problem is identified.

Generator Installation

A generator is a sensible investment for any homeowner. To ensure you have access to everything you require in the event of an emergency, we will install a whole-home backup generator.

Outdoor Lighting

Exterior lighting is a useful addition to your property and can increase the safety of your home or place of business. Our professionals can assist you in creating a lighting strategy and flawlessly completing each installation.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lights, often called can lights, are a beautiful addition to any contemporary home. Each room will receive the spectacular illumination it deserves after our professionals fit your space with all the recessed lighting you need.

Ceiling Fan Installation

There is only one call you need to make if you’re looking for an electrician to assist with installing a ceiling fan, and that is The Original Plumbing Co. Our professionals will make everything straightforward, efficient, and stress-free.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

If you’ve made the decision to purchase an electric vehicle, having a convenient charging station installed in your home by a qualified local electrician in Pomona can make your everyday life significantly easier.

Surge Protection or Whole Home Surge Protection

Surge protection is crucial for safeguarding your household gadgets and appliances. We will come to your house, give you our professional opinion on whether you need outlet protection or whole-home surge protection, and complete your installation with the meticulousness and attention for which we are recognized.

Pool, Spa, and Sauna Electrical

If you’ve invested in a sauna, spa, or pool, having enough power to keep them running is key. We’ll help you power the serene outdoor sanctuary of your dreams with the help of our electrical services!

Attic Fan Installation

An attic fan is a wise choice if you value energy efficiency and want to increase the lifespan of your air conditioner. You can decide whether or not an attic fan is the best option for you with the assistance of your professional electrical contractor.

Outlet Installation

An expert must install an electrical receptacle because a poor installation could have disastrous results. Everything will be handled by our professionals, including new outlet installation and receptacle replacement.

Exhaust Fan Installation

When you need an exhaust fan installed, you should hire a professional – especially if you’re starting from scratch and not simply replacing an outdated fan in your kitchen or bathroom. The benefits of better air quality, a fresher-smelling home, and a reduced risk of mold and mildew growth in your home are the most appealing reasons to consider an exhaust fan.

Light Fixture Installation

Modern lighting can quickly, beautifully, and tastefully improve the look of your home. Whether you need new lights installed and wired, or you only want to swap out an old fixture, our electricians can finish the job quickly and efficiently.

Smoke Detectors

It’s critical to protect your family, and smoke detectors are an essential part of any smart safety plan. Fire alarms will be properly and carefully installed in your home or place of business by our expert electricians.

Electrical Wiring Installation

In order to keep everything in your smart home functioning without the use of batteries or unsightly, cumbersome cords, a precise, thoughtful electrical wiring plan is required. Together, we will create a wiring system that fully meets your requirements, and we will expertly and carefully perform your installation.

Electrical Panel Upgrades

Your older home’s electrical panel might be having trouble keeping up with the high demands of your family’s electronics and modern technology. Give us a call if you want an extensive, thorough electrical panel overhaul that will enhance your daily life and bring it into the present era.

To reach a skilled electrician in Pomona, call The Original Plumbing Co. today at (909) 941-8963 – or reach out to (800) 863-1979 for an emergency electrician.